5 Branding Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Jay-Z

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To say that successful Hip-Hop mogul, and entrepreneurial genius Jay-Z knowsa little bit about the world of “Personal Branding” is like saying Bill Gates knows a little bit about computers.

jay-z-600A meteoric rise to fame in the music industry as a young rap artist during the early 90’s set the stage for Jay-Z to grow from a wildly successful Hip Hop artist, into one of the most celebrated and successfully branded entrepreneurs in the world; overseeing a business empire estimated at over $520 million dollars!

An unstoppable drive to succeed, a critically developed viewpoint on what it takes to advance a winning business model, and an uncanny ability to brand everything he touches has literally transformed Jay-Z into a real-life King Midas. It should go without saying that anyone looking to receive a lesson in how to successfully develop and monetize his or her brand need look no further than Jay-Z for a bit of sage advice.

Let’s take a look at 5 lessons we can learn from one of the world’s most popular, and brilliantly branded entrepreneurial minds. Use these tips to think more like Jay-Z.

Minimize You’re Hustle – Jay-Z learned early that to be successful you have to be willing to do more work than your competition. When he realized he was paying his first record company for work he could do himself, he started his own record label. This not only expanded his personal brand by giving him ultimate control, it cut out the middleman and created an income flow.

Don’t Be a One-Trick-Pony – Jay-Z is celebrated in the Hip Hop world for being a master of every style of rap ever created. As a tireless perfectionist, he prides himself on applying that same dedication to business branding and tackles every aspect of any venture he sets his sights on. Expand the Brand!

Personalize Your Brand – Whatever brand you are trying to promote it should be directly attached to something you are passionate about. After all, that is the very essence of personal branding. Get comfortable with your style and brand it into everything you do. Make your image, or name synonymous with whatever industry you are trying to promote through branding.

Become Bullet Proof – One thing Jay-Z will tell you is that there are a lot of haters out there who are more than willing to trash you, and your brand. He recommends exposing any skeletons in your closet that might be used to tarnish what you have created. Don’t let poor decisions you may have made in the past haunt your future. These days the public demands transparency in personal branding. People will find out all there is to know about you anyway, so just let it all hang out.

Always Keep ‘Em Guessing – The rap icon believes you should never rest on your laurels. Always be looking to diversify your brand, and expand your interests. That way people will constantly be interested to see what you do next.

These insights should give you a platform from which you can begin building the knowledge needed to successfully create and grow your brand.

By: Jonas Ogrefoln


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