Be your own Competition

Be Your Own Competiton

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Don’t Allow Anyone To Define You!

As a teenager, I went through insecurities… mostly applied by peer pressure.   I watched as some teens responded to pressure by trying hard to fit in.  In other cases, teens use social media as a way to veil their true feelings of insecurity.  Personally, I lost close friends because they constantly pressured me to be someone I did not want to be.  Yet, I always remembered what Mom taught me “You are who you hang out with.”  I stuck by her words, even when it was difficult.

Define yourself

Being a teen is not easy.  There are so many times you are pressured to strip your individual identity just to be accepted.  Whether it’s pressure from other teens, bully’s, parents or Hollywood, I chose to not allow anyone to define me.   I must be the person I want to be and never sacrifice my identity.  Therefore, I decided to become my own idol… which means that I celebrate my personal identity.   This doesn’t mean that I don’t listen to the opinions of others.  It just means that I take pride in who am I and I love my true spirit, beauty, talent and intelligence.


Every teen has unique qualities and special gifts.  We can all make a difference in this world and support one another.  Unfortunately, in this generation, more and more teens are losing their value by accepting the world’s expectations of what they should be.   The world seeks to decide our personal style, music, attitudes and how fast we should make mature decisions, like dating and sex.   Don’t get me wrong, we all at one point want to grow up fast, and just live life on our own terms.  Most teens dream of having no worries and at times being a little reckless.  Trust me, that’s just being a normal teen!  At the same time, all teenagers face hard challenges and obstacles in their daily life.  The key thing to remember is that you are not alone.   Just be who you are and trust your instincts.

These six simple beliefs are what guide me:

  • Stay close with family.
  • Be a true friend.
  • Don’t base your life on social media.
  • Don’t let anyone take your self-esteem.
  • Don’t impress just to fit in.
  • Focus on your own goals and Be your own competition

To the teens of the world, I wish you Peace, Love and the Ability to Live your Life to the Fullest Every day.


Gabriella K