#Brexit: What does it all mean?

A Focus on the Present... A Denial of the Future

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The United Kingdom Voted to Leave The European Union

The #Brexit hashtag is blowing up Twitter and for good reason.  The recent UK referendum vote to remain in the European Union (EU) or leave it all together has ramifications in the immediate, mid-term and long-term future of the UK.

Furthermore, #Brexit will have major implications on the US economy and across the world.

#Brexit  can be summed up into  3 simple groups:

  1. Economic Independence
  2. Immigration Fears
  3.  Nationalistic Ideals

#Brexit sounds good until one contemplates the long-term impact it will have on young people as Europe continues to rapidly change.

Looking back, the economic life supporting the EU was the strength of the UK economy (easily reflected in the strong pound v/s the US dollar) as its stalwart.  Given today’s rising economic uncertainty many Brit’s who support leaving the EU desire to control their own fate independent of the other fledgling members of the EU.  The frustration is real, understandable yet short-sighted.

pd verse dollar

Secondly, whether its right or wrong, the immigration fears sweeping Europe are primarily driven by the influx of immigrants over the last 5 years and the potential for the EU to require the UK to accept a share of that burden .  This argument is unfortunate since history teaches us that immigration ultimately has a positive impact within any leading democracy.  For over a century, democratic countries have enjoyed the economic, cultural and social benefits of a diverse assimilated populous.  Yet, today’s immigration debate is fueled by concerns of terrorism, lower wages and social welfare.  Finally, #Brexit champions the need for national independence verse the burdens 0f conformance to a European Union which focuses on the needs of all of it’s member countries collectively.

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To a large degree, #Brexit is a middle finger from the baby boomers to the young people. The supporters of  #Brexit are only concerned with the world as it is today, and do not acknowledge the rapid closure in Europe which will require  strength in numbers for the long-term.

As the outcome of the vote became clear, the UK pound crashed to its lowest value since 1985. Everyone is now waking up to a new unpredictable reality and the long-term impact could be even more grave.

The world needs a strong united European Union with the support and voice of its young people. Unfortunately, most UK young people were not allowed to vote and thus will be forever impacted by a decision they had no voice in.

By;  G. Anthony Knowles