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Bruck Up Delivers in His Sexy Single “Cry”!

Dancehall Reggae Music Recording Artist BRUCKUP photographed by Dale May.
Dancehall Reggae Music Recording Artist BRUCKUP photographed by Dale May.

Wildly considered “Reggae’s next explosive, cross-over ambassador”, Bruck Up is on a mission to redefine the reach and impact of music. Known for his unique voice and electrifying dancing ability, Bruck Up’s journey to fame is truly a story of perseverance and triumph.

“Life had no bounds. I wasn’t afraid to be or to do, to try new things, be different or push the envelope. Whatever I did, I was all in. I was no longer bound—I was bounding forward.”

After beating the debilitating “bruck-up” bone disease,  George “Bruck Up” Adams embraced the name to demonstrate nothing will ever have control over him.  As a testament to his inner strength and drive, he began perfecting an innate dancing ability with tenacious focus.  His dancing style exuded a genuine uncontrollable joy and youthful energy that captured the hearts and “respect” of fans across the world.

Dubbed “Mr. Excitement” , Bruck Up yearned for much more.  Although he enjoyed dancing to the music of other artists, he knew he possessed the gift of music within himself as well.  Therefore, he went hard at work to shore up his craft. After years of  consistent, dedicated focus, he was ready to break out as a complete artist to be reckoned with.

“I always responded to the music — now I make the music to respond to.”

Today, Bruck Up is recognized as a songwriter, recording artist, and entertainer who is appreciated by fans who love the intoxicating blend of reggae, dancehall, pop and hip-hop.  Additionally, Bruck Up actively collaborates with major artists who seek his unique Jamaican voice to transform an “ok” song into a commercial hit!

So what’s next for Bruck Up?   Everything!

Let’s sit back, stand up, dance and enjoy the ride!

Photos by Dale May

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