Carmelo Anthony is In Charge

NBA Star Will Address Police Shootings

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A True Leader and a Voice of Reasoning

NBA Star Carmelo Anthony is organizing a meeting with community leaders, athletes and politicians to discuss the national issue of gun violence;  by and against police officers across the country.

During a recent Team USA workout, Mr. Anthony said, “You have to keep the conversation going and dialogue going…If you don’t, then you just become another tragedy that happens that everybody forgot about.”

This latest challenge is a continuation of Carmelo’s leadership role in the sports community.  Carmelo Anthony was the leading force behind the impactful ESPYs Award Show call for athletes to use their platform to speak out on social issues in the wake of the shooting deaths of two African-American men and five Dallas police officers.

Everyday and most importantly, in critical national moments, Carmelo Anthony is proving to be the athlete and leader who courageously champions the national voice for social change.

He is a NBA SuperStar; future NBA Hall of Famer; Fashion Icon; and National hero.

Mr. Carmelo Anthony is clearly in charge…

…and we solute him!

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