Blind Faith

January 2, 2017 dabridge 0

Does God Really Exist? For centuries people have sought the reassurance, acceptance, guidance and providence of a loving God.  This innate yearning stems from the recognition of human frailty thus requiring the belief in a […]

In Guns we Trust

December 31, 2016 dabridge 0

The Battle for the Soul of the Republic Since the horrifying massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school, which left 28 people, including 20 children dead; there have been over 70 school shootings in the United […]

Pop Star George Michael Dead At 53

December 26, 2016 dabridge 0

British singer George Michael, who became one of the pop idols of the 1980s with Wham! and then forged a career as a successful solo artist with sometimes sexually provocative lyrics, died at his home […]

A Booty Call Christmas

December 14, 2016 dabridge 0

Mention ‘mistletoe’ and most people think of an insignificant leafy branch hanging over a doorway or from a ceiling.

The Forgotten Child

December 6, 2016 dabridge 0

Every child deserves to feel the constant warmth of parental love and security from being raised in a nurturing environment. The furthest thing from a child’s mind should be concerns about the intention or attitudes […]

Happy Birthday to the King of Pop!

August 29, 2016 dabridge 0

We Will Forever Honor the King! Today marks what would have been the 58th birthday of Michael Jackson, born Aug. 29, 1958. Michael Jackson would’ve been 58 today    


August 29, 2016 dabridge 0

Close your eyes and imagine that your mom is dead…then your dad. Moments later the rest of your family dies; your sisters and brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmother and grandfather. In a blink of an […]


August 27, 2016 dabridge 0

THE SPECIAL BOND It’s been noted for decades that parental relationships act as models for how children interact with others in the future. A child’s formation of thoughts, attitudes, tendencies, perception, and outlook can all […]

Family Loyalty

August 26, 2016 dabridge 0

Where does it start and Where does it End? Family Loyalty is one of the most challenging issues for many people to deal with.  Oftentimes, people who struggle with the separation of personal responsibility against […]

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