Finding My Purpose In Life

July 30, 2017 dabridge 3

Which Way do I Go? As I enter the 11th grade, my mind races at the reality of leaving high school and becoming an adult.  I feel pressured to choose my life’s mission, yet I […]

Step Into the Light

September 15, 2016 dabridge 0

Darkness. As kids we fear it. We fear how darkness can easily consume the light that shines deep inside of each of us. When I was a kid, darkness was my greatest fear. I feared […]

Be your own Competition

June 23, 2016 dabridge 0

Don’t Allow Anyone To Define You! As a teenager, I went through insecurities… mostly applied by peer pressure.   I watched as some teens responded to pressure by trying hard to fit in.  In other cases, […]

Can You Hear My Voice?

June 22, 2016 dabridge 0

No Memories and a Name By: There are times I see the world as void …without any color.  The skies are gray and the oceans are white.  It’s possible that it appears that way to me […]