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Darrell Robinson (6)1Born in Savannah, Georgia, Darrell Robinson’s southern charm and Hollywood instincts propelled him to stand out in any crowd.  From an early age, he possessed a passion for acting, modelling and music. Everyone knew he was destined for something special… and yes, they were unquestionably right!

This multi-talented young star possesses many incredible gifts.  In 1997, Darrell began writing and recording his own songs.  In 2001, while attending the historically black college, South Carolina State University, Darrell put his full range of talents on display as he performed in a talent show in front of a packed auditorium.  The performance was so outstanding, the audience rose to its feet and thunderously clapped to show their full appreciation.

Later in 2014, Darrell was discovered at a talent showcase where he won a one-year contract.   It was finally time for Hollywood, California to see this emerging actor.   It didn’t take long for Darrell to book his first T.V role appearance on a show titled “Hack My Life” filmed in Los Angeles.

Since then, Darrell has signed with 2 major talent agencies based out of Atlanta, Georgia; BMG and Ultimate Model Management which he has landed roles next to some of Hollywood’s biggest A-List actors such as Robert Downey Jr. in (Captain America Civil War), Kerry Washington in (Confirmation) and Jamie Foxx in (Baby Driver).

Whenever Darrell performs, his passion and talent are always fully embraced and thoroughly enjoyed by audiences. Yet never settling, Darrell actively seeks to enhance his craft, because he believes, “that greatness is not given to anyone, it’s earned through hard work and consistency”.   It is that belief that pushes him to strive to expand his knowledge and range as an actor.

Driven by a burning desire to succeed in the entertainment industry, Darrell consistently trains his mind and body;  by taking acting classes and auditions.  It is this work ethic and God-given natural talent that is making an impression on the industry.

As his genius grows, Darrell Robinson is sure to make a lasting impact on the entertainment world.


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