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Smooth, Sexy Reggae Music

Chris Delana Smith aka Dilly Chris grew up in Maryland, St. Andrew, Jamaica.  At an early age, he had visions of capturing the attention of adoring and appreciative female fans while one day performing at late night dance halls.  unnamed (2)Yet, these thoughts were not just fantasies of grandeur.  As a child, Chris had a passion for music.  He didn’t limit himself to any specific genre.  Born in the West Indies, he loved Reggae and dancehall but he also listened to R&B, Gospel, and even country music. Chris believed that every type of music possessed its own energy and individual story which should be explored and appreciated. This attitude feeds the music he creates today, giving it a unique sound and universal appeal.

From early on, Chris discovered his innate writing ability. He would soon transformed his creatively inspired lyrics and gifted singing style into a string of wins at the local community competitions held for the youth in his home town.  With every victory, it confirmed that a young singer/songwriter/producer named Chris Delana Smith was emerging as a force to be reckoned with.

Once he was ready to step up to the next level, Chris officially became “Dilly Chris” (a takeoff of his middle name Delana).  After frequent visits to neighboring Miami, Florida, Chris decided to formerly move to Miami and make it his new home-base in 2006.  From there he would launch the next big phase in his musical career.

Today, Dilly Chris stands as a unique talent with the ability to set the industry on fire.  Whether performing, writing or producing, his talents have no limits!  Soon the entire world will witness this phenom take his place among the best in the business, while he captures the hearts of adoring female fans along the way!

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For more about “Dilly Chris” or to book him for performances contact Denise Chambers at Dilly Chris Music/Prestige Artist Management (1) 305-749—6248 or (1) 305-747-5526.