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The New Sexual Revolution Will be Televised

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Interestingly, the early 1990’s began the focus on sexual responsibility.  This resulted from the shock of famed Los Angeles Lakers basketball legend, Earvin “Magic” Johnson’s announcement that he had contracted HIV.  His Nov. 7, 1991 revelation rocked the USA at a time when many people thought HIV was punishment for only gay men.  Today,  twenty-two years later, we are now more educated about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and feel further removed from the sexual caution of the 1990s.

The new millennium has ushered in a heighten social consciousness regarding sexual freedom.  Now a revolution is well underway.  Today, we are having more sex, with more people and with fewer inhibitions than ever.

 Why do we love sex? 

Whether you are “doing it” because it feels so freakin’ awesome or you continue to pretend it’s the best way to burn calories, it really doesn’t matter.  We simply can’t get enough of it. I once read a study that noted “people who “get it on” at least twice a week live longer than those who don’t”. If that’s true, then I’m going to live forever.  It’s also been said that 50% of men and 20% of women fantasize about sex at least once a day. The more sexually active you are, the more daily fantasies you have about it.

 Today, many people find sexual fulfillment through a variety of means.  Society is now more comfortable with the use of sex toys, video, exhibitionism, voyeurism, same gender sex or swinging.  These are obviously not new sexual preferences or personal kinks; it’s just more mainstream than ever.

Whether you are married or in casual sexual partnerships, people desire greater excitement through new types of shared naughty experiences.  Couples are actively seeking ways to push their limits to find greater fulfillment while creating stronger bonds in their relationships.  Some couples now enjoy “talking dirty” about their past sexual exploits during sex.  This is enabled by the evolution of the modern woman.  Today’s women are less concerned about being labeled a “slut or whore” for having a broad sexual background. In some instances, women now embrace those titles as sexy calling-cards that when said at the right time, turns them on.

 Women & the New Sexual Paradigm

 7944504The increasing female confidence is what’s powering the new Sexual Revolution.  Women are now unwilling to deny themselves the very pleasures usually sought by their male counterparts. They want it just as much, just as kinky, just as freaky, and they’re open about it.  This growing phenomenon has led to stronger bonds between the sexes.  Today, sexually active men and women of every age talk naturally about sexual fantasies and appetites. Together, they are now more comfortable discussing their secret kinks and private fantasies.  This growth in gender confidence has fueled a new-millennium that is unafraid to take sexual risks and then openly discuss them.

The new Sexual Revolution is hotter and more public than ever.  It’s important however to remember the serious health lessons learned back in the 1990s.   If not, we are destined to repeat it.