FUBU, Now & Forever

Da’Bridge Models


The Vision.  A global standard which needs no introduction.

The FUBU brand drives the conversation by itself.  Its name is universally recognized for establishing our history…..and its brand will determine what happens today and well into the future!

FUBU is here….its hot….it’s now….  its FUBU!

DaBridge:  Why re-launch FUBU?

FUBU:  We relaunched the brand because our consumers kept asking us to for over 3-4 years.  We noticed that they were buying a lot of our product on Ebay and since we were coming up on our 25th anniversary, we collectively decided that we would put out product from when we first started in 1992 as sort of a vintage collection.

DaBridge:   What will be different from the past?

FUBU:  What’s different from the past is how we’re selling it.  We are only available online on our site www.fubu.com.  As far as the clothing is concerned we’re working with a few companies putting out collaborations with them.  We’ve worked with Crepeman, Patta, Ebbits Field and Urban Outfitters.  Urban Outfitters actually purchased a small collection that they have available in stores and on their site Urbanoutfitters.com  U/O is the only store that carries the brand right now.  We have a bunch of other collaborations coming up in the near future.

DaBridge:   What will be included from the past?

FUBU:  You’ll see some of our classic designs we had in the past but we’ve also done new designs like we did with our Ebbits Field collaboration of vintage sweatshirts, hats and baseball jerseys.

DaBridge:   Are you driving or chasing the market?  Explain?

FUBU:  At this point we’re trying to get back in the market.  Lol.  This launch we’re doing now is just to test the market and really see if the brand is to the point where it’s that popular and we can actually bring it all the way back.  What I mean by that is, we want to provide the market with all of our classic product we put out back in the day.  We had cologne, bedding, home, ladies, men’s, suits, tuxedos, outerwear,  kids and footwear.

DaBridge:   If we’re sitting here a year from now celebrating what a great year it’s been for FUBU, what would be the achievement?

FUBU:  That we have a brand that can stand the test of time.  Not too many urban clothing brands can say that they are still around after 25 years.  We’ve always called what we were trying to accomplish with our brand a movement and it’ll show we still have what it takes to be successful again.  If we are even half of what we were before we’ll be satisfied and so so blessed.

DaBridge:  This is what makes FUBU so remarkable.  It challenges the status quo with bold designs and individual statements. The fashion goal is to challenge us to communicate our individual nature while creating a community of FUBU lovers that seek creativity over conformity. We wear the brand with uncompromising aggression, happiness and pleasure.

We embrace FUBU…We love it….We live it!

What did you expect?  Something simple.    Of course not!  

FUBU only knows how to push us harder…further into the future….beyond anything we have ever known.

Join now….or live to regret it.