In Guns we Trust

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The Battle for the Soul of the Republic

Since the horrifying massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school, which left 28 people, including 20 children dead; there have been over 70 school shootings in the United States.  The brief pause in gun violence we experienced while grieving for the innocent school kids that were killed on that dreadful day could not (and would not) last. Unfortunately, our societal thirst for blood remained un-quenched despite the lost of so many guiltless young victims. Day by day, since the Sandy Hook tragedy, Americans continue to be killed in record numbers. Before the violence spirals

further out of control, we should ask ourselves a few very serious questions.

Is our once great Republic on the verge of collapse?

Has the American democratic experim

ent been hijacked at gunpoint?

Can we find a path back to sensible gun control and to a more perfect and thoughtful Union?

Or is the continuing degrading of our sense of community and humanity the new normal?

With each senseless act of gun violence we do more than just silence a life. Gun violence cheapens human existence because it’s the simplest and easiest way to kill. A quick pull of a trigger can end precious lives; individually or in groups. Within seconds, families are transformed as they struggle to cope with the loss of a loved one. Communities are wounded as neighborhoods live in fear of becoming victims to someone’s rage. The Republic is diminished as talented souls are escorted to the unseen world way too early.

As Americans, we pride ourselves in the progress we steadily make in the areas of medical research, technology and the arts. We remain the envy of the world because of our enormous wealth and military strength. American colleges are coveted by aspiring minds across the Andes. Our music provides the beat and rhythm that the whole world dances to. Yet, we are steadily declining in the basic appreciation of human value. Today, the toys we work hard to acquire are treated with the same worth of our children. We fear losing prized material possessions with the equivalency that we hold for living things ….including our fellow man.

Am I exaggerating?  Is this hyperbole?

When is the last time you reflected or felt empathy or possible outrage for the 300+ Chicago Public School students killed by gun violence during the last three school years.  Over 300 kids!!!  That’s just Chicago alone!

The Republic is truly lost. The only way back is for the people that make up the Republic to reassess and prioritize the things that are truly important. A society cannot survive if its people degrade the value of each of its citizens. We are now gorging on a new form of national cannibalism where we devour our own using guns as utensils.  The Hebrew scripture teaches us that the way of violence gives birth to more violence until all are lost.  In the book of Matthew 26:52 it reads, “Put your sword back in its place… “For all who draw the sword will die by the sword.”

It has been said many times that a po

or economy kills the American dream for the least of us. However, given the current state of gun violence in this country; we no longer need economic challenges to deny Americans the ability to ever dream again.

It’s time to change.