Kristine Alicia – A Voice and a Message

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An Intoxicating Fusion of Reggae and Neo-Soul

Jamaican-born artist Kristine Alicia delivers music that is more than just creative melodies and well written verses. Her songs possess a depth of purpose; with bold, broad themes about the meaning of the world around us and the God who oversees his creation.  Her goal is to harness the imagination of human potential.  She challenges us to be better stewards of this earth and to become better brothers and sisters to another.   Yet the message in the music is not overpowering.  Kristine Alicia presents her music and it’s themes in a way that beautifully balance one another.  It’s the mark of a true artist!

As you listen to a Kristine Alicia song, you will be captured by the warmth of the music; the energy in the words; and the sultry soothing melodic voice that puts it all together. The music is refreshing and completely entertaining all at the same time.  This is Kristine Alicia’s unique gift.  She has the creative ability to successfully blend reggae rhythms and soulful melodies suffused with her pop influence.  It is this unbelievable sound that is sought out by major artists who seek to partner with her on hot collaborative projects.

So what’s next for Kristine Alicia?

Today, Kristine Alicia is celebrating the completion of her sophomore album with Rory of Stone Love fame and Black Dub Movements. The album, “Songs from Zion” is being released during 2016 and as expected,  has received an overwhelming response from its first single, “Freedom Fighters.”  True to form, “Songs from Zion’s” undercurrent is Kristine Alicia’s consistent message to Love God, love people and stand for justice.   This honest approach to making good creative music is what her fans appreciate the most.

The second single, “Hand Over River,” was released in April 2016 and is being celebrated for its positive messages of giving and love.  Check out the attached music video for the song “Hand Over River,” and take the musical journey to a special place filled with Beauty, Love and Freedom.

Photos by Ryan Dangerous

Enjoy Kristine Alicia – Hand Over River