Nana Binghi – Musician with Deep Thought and Purpose

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The “Binghi Man” Has A Message to Share

Born on beautiful St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, Nana Binghi was gifted with the sound of music f1465312678lowing in his veins.  Yet, music is just one of his passions.  The “Binghi Man”also has a thirst for knowledge and written expression.   At an early age, he began writing poetry and performing on the Traditional Akan Drums to release his creative energy.  He also regulary sang at weddings and many functions across the island.

Throughout his life, he yearned for greater knowledge and insight.  This hunger led him to seek out deep intellectual poets and lecturers like Dr. John Henry Clarke and Dr. Yosefben Jochannan, pronounced (Yo-sef-ben-Yeh-ke-nen).  It was under this nurturing where the Binghi Man grew his knowledge of African and Caribbean history and cultural diversity which forms and infuses his music today.

As his personal evolution continued, he later moved to the western part of the island where he met Caribbean Cultural Artist, James ‘Jamesy’ Brewster. Under his tuteleage,  the Binghi Man learned how play the banjo and then ultimately the guitar.  Eventually,  he would accompany James to shows with his band, The Happy Seven.  These early development years were critical to forming him into the man he is today.

Now, Nana Binghi is a complete artist who creates music that is melodically appealing, yet also spiritually and mentally fulfilling.  As his popularity grows, he has opened for numerous artists, such as Marcia Griffiths, Cocoa Tea, Capleton, Jah Tundah, Moses I, Elephant Man, Sean Paul and many others.

Today, Nana Binghi receives constant requests to showcase his unique musical sound at live performance shows everywhere.

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