Nappy Roots

Be Natural, Go Bold.

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Her Crown Jewel!

369A woman’s hair is a reflection of personal style, confidence and individual preference.  It’s the truest demonstration of inner strength and natural beauty!

This truth is what inspired Nia’ Burnett to develop Nappy Roots!

As a fashion pioneer, Nia’ Burnett’s mission is always forward leaning. At Nappy Roots women enjoy the freedom to have fun and stand out.
ad5Nappy Roots  challenges all women with a unique proposition, Be Natural, Go Bold.

The goal of Nappy Roots is to encourage women to live free of any inhibitions.  It’s all about being yourself and not worrying about the status quo.

Nappy Roots is not just a place where you can buy fantastic hair products made with natural ingredients, but it’s also an organic movement, fully driven by women who will not conform to commercial forms of beauty and personal identity.

Nappy Roots promotes and inspires women with curly hair to let it all hang out.. and appreciate the natural look!  Nappy Roots also seeks to educate everyone on the variety of ways to take care of their healthy locks.

Whether you have tight afro curls to kinky, wavy or loose curls, Nappy Roots helps you love your natural hair.

It’s the hottest trend sweeping the country!