Our Prince (1958 – 2016)

May He Rein Forever

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May He “Rein” Forever in Our Hearts.

Our Prince

He is an icon, a prophet and one of the most innovative talents in music history.  Over the course of his illustrious career, Prince digested and then incorporated ideas from the past, present, and future possibilities to create a musical sound that pushes boundaries and challenges each of us to rethink social dogmas.  As a visionary, his sound reaches forward towards the unknown until we mere mortals are able to comprehend his message.  The music of Prince will fuel the music industry and pop culture for decades to come.

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Prince never lived his life to make music.  He lived to transform music into insightful, deep thought that would only be understood with a hot melodic background.   Pure genius!

Prince understood the impact music would have on individual reflection, societal questions and national dialogue.  In music and in life, Prince is a revolutionary whose impact will only be enhanced as history marches forward.

We at Da’Bridge are proud to celebrate him.


The Legend, the Mystery