Release Your Inner Diva

Be Fabulous and Know it!

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All women are beautiful.  

Every woman has an inner diva who wants to release herself onto the public stage.

It’s reflected in the joy and satisfaction we feel when we are dressed up for events, dates or a night on the town.  We experience a pure sense of pride as we step out for a night in the city with the knowledge that we are looking and feeling our best.

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating one’s personal beauty.  Each woman has the capacity to unleash the best of herself on any given day.  It’s important that we haveCHANDRA7 the personal confidence to actually do it. Each woman should accept the choice to allow herself the freedom to celebrate innate beauty and unique appeal.

Every woman should consider opportunities to take a break from the day-to-day challenges of motherhood, work, wife responsibilities and the many other mundane realities of life.

Take a “Diva” day and enjoy the refreshing experience to pamper oneself.  Most importantly, a Diva day will add spice to your life, plus add spice and enjoyment to the lives of the ones you love.

Steps on how to feel like a Diva on any given day:

1. Nail Polish Baby!  Whether applying trendy colors or outrageous designs, nail care and polish are very important to feeling like a Diva.  If you don’t want to apply polish, there are nail tips in a range of designs and unique colors for you to choose from.   Check out your local retailer for the many brands and styles that are available.

2. Find the  perfect dress!  No matter your shape, size, curves or lack thereof, every woman has a dress that accentuates her best.  The key is to know the basic design silhouettes and body shapes.  Understanding these concepts will help you with selecting the perfect dress that flatters your shape.

3. Accept Compliments  There’s nothing wrong with accepting compliments.  A lady who knows her self worth, appreciates and acknowledges compliments.  Don’t deflect or negate compliments.  Simply say thank you and enjoy the moment.

4. Indulge Yourself!    Go to a spa for a deep tissue massage, or get a facial.  You have to take care of yourself.  You deserve it! Women exhaust much of their time caring for others (our kids, spouses, family members), yet often we neglect to take care of ourselves.  A day at the spa, is an isolated experience focused on rehabilitating ourselves.  Trust me, it’s a must… at least once every two months.

5. There is no such thing as Imperfections   Too many times, women look in the mirror and only see their imperfections.  We all have them.   The key is to reach a point of accepting perceived flaws and celebrating  them as unique attributes.  Embrace Yourself!

A flaw to you is usually a treasure to the right man.

By: Chandra Knowles