Sheryl Boyd …the true Sound of Music

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A Perfect Storm

She is fearless, relentless, stubborn, but yet beautiful, classy and smart. These are just a few words to describe Sheryl Boyd. She’s an artist of immense talent and real impact. Sheryl is always working to ensure her mark on the industry remains fully cemented. She has no limits, because her appeal crosses all cultures in art and in life.

When Sheryl Boyd is given the stage, she easily owns it. As a pioneer, she has no boundaries while challenging her contemporaries to dig just a little deeper.  She is an artist who pushed back against the status quo to own her unique style.  A true original, in every way!  Her motto is “when life says no, I say hell yes!”


Sheryl Boyd’s music is hip and joyous and yet at times it can be a deep dive into personal thought and soulful reflection. She simply can do it all, which makes her appeal broad and popular.

Sheryl doesn’t hide from her past….she embraces it with a drive and uninhabited truth that is as refreshing as it is universally appreciated.

Her song “Bump your Head” is a welcomed revisit to the best of R & B. She possesses the God given gifts to completely own the industry.

This hip, sultry star is the real game changer!



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