Summer Makeup Suggestions from Professional Make Up Artist of Delhi

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Every woman is naturally beautiful and there is no denying of this fact and to enhance the beauty of the already beautiful face, we have makeup. Makeup is not meant just to hide the loopholes of one’s face. It is purely meant to draw attention to the highlights of one’s face. Makeup is nothing less than an art. It is the art of portraying one’s beauty on a completely different level and the professional makeup artists completely understand the rules and regulations of this fantastic art.

It’s time for summer. So let us bounce and learn some makeup tips that would be helpful during the scorching summer.

Set your priorities straight and let protection top the list:

Summer is the time when the chances of occurrence of skin damage are high. So keeping your skin healthy and hydrated should be your long term precedence. As long as the sun is up, its detrimental ultraviolet rays are sure to smash up your skin big time. Therefore it is very important to ensure the makeup products you use have reasonable SPF. Higher the SPF value better is the defense it offers. Always carry sun screen lotion where ever you go. Exposure to sun even for a short span of time causes irreversible injure to your skin. With temperature touching peaks in Delhi, the top makeup artist in Delhi are voicing in favor of use of sun screen lotions all through the day.

Use of Primer:

A lot of women even today do not know the significance of primer. Primer is a very important makeup product that should be worn before putting the makeup on.  Do not skip it especially during summer. It makes the makeup last longer and you will definitely understand the difference once you start using it. The professional makeup artist starts off the makeup regime with the primer irrespective of the season and no wonder the results are outstanding.

Care for your lips:

The hot weather of summer makes lips dry and dark. They crack up if appropriate concentration is not paid to it. Also, if lips are once damaged, you need a lot of time for revival and no makeup can completely beautify your lips. Use of lip gloss or lip balm with more wax content is the best bet. Since summers in Delhi are dead hot, the professional makeup artist of Delhi strongly suggests use of lip gels all through the day. It is a good practice to wear it at night if you are going out in pollution.

By: Crazzy Paul