Carmelo Anthony is In Charge

July 24, 2016 dabridge 0

A True Leader and a Voice of Reasoning NBA Star Carmelo Anthony is organizing a meeting with community leaders, athletes and politicians to discuss the national issue of gun violence;  by and against police officers across the […]

Be your own Competition

June 23, 2016 dabridge 0

Don’t Allow Anyone To Define You! As a teenager, I went through insecurities… mostly applied by peer pressure.   I watched as some teens responded to pressure by trying hard to fit in.  In other cases, […]

Freak Nation

January 17, 2016 dabridge 0

Raise your hands if you are getting enough sex? I’m not envisioning many hands actually moving up into the air right now!    Why?   The truth is most of us have sexual appetites that far exceed […]