The Little Dick President

Da’Bridge Models

Its been described inaccurately in the media for several years now. Each description more hyperbolic then the next.  

From Ethno-nationalism to Protectionism, Neo-reactionary, Monarchist, WASP Evangelicalism, Political Identitarianism, Paleoconservatism to Totalitarian,  ultimately Trumpism has been given too much depth of thought.  This is the result of media elitist in a desperate search to explain the complete destruction of intellectually accepted democratic norms.  Therefore, it’s now through the overuse of exaggerated terms that superior thinkers describe an unqualified US President and the shocking loss by his abundantly qualified challenger. 

Trumpism is simple to explain.  Donald J. Trump is an inadequate man and a very little D.I.C.K.   Plain and simple.  He simply is the little dick President.  A man possessing little Depth, IntelligenceCharacter or Knowledge (DICK).

The current US President lives in a world which only exists in his own little mind.   He is the intellectual complement to Sarah Palin.  His small uncomplicated mind is nurtured by FoxNews, fueled by Breitbart and fascinated by the DrudgeReport.  His moral compass reflects the debasement of likeminded political brethren, Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin, Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein and countless others.  Although not a killer in reality, he flaunted the notion that he could kill someone in front of a crowd and yet his base would still love him. These are the fantasies of a tiny corrupt man.  If it wasn’t for his cowardice he would actually try to test that theory.

Trump views the world through the prism of his significant lack of true self-worth.  He really doesn’t like himself.  He knows he’s fat, ugly, orange and more than likely has very bad breath.  Every time he looks at himself in the mirror he’s reminded of his shortcomings.  He understands why his father was so disappointed in him.  This drives his incestuous cravings for public acceptance and the love of strangers.  Even when praised, the gratification is short-lived because it must be replayed continuously to him in order to hold its fleeting value.  Today, the world now waits with baited breath on direction from a neutered son.   Yet, his singular focus is personal validation.   He wants to be needed, necessary, loved, relevant, depended upon, has all the answers, knows all, has all.   Little D.I.C.K wants the consistent reassurance that his deep held disbelief in himself is wrong.  Thus, trying to explain the qualities of such a small man reflects more poorly on the theorizer and less on the subject.

Any meaningful time devoted to analyzing little D.I.C.K is wasted time.  He simply doesn’t warrant analysis, review, discussion or debate.   The only thing complicated about him is trying to understand how a man of 70+ years old still lives and acts like a child.  But then we must remember, he is little D.I.C.K, and his nickname explains him perfectly. 

G. Anthony Knowles