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The Evolution of the Bi-Curious Woman

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Are you comfortable sharing when “it” first started?  Do you even remember when?  Is it possible that it happened at an overnight sleepover or during summer camp?  Did you evolve over time and now you are finally open to accept deeply planted innate feelings that were always there?

women_biLooking back, you may now remember how it happened.  Those memories are slowly coming into focus.  You are remembering how you once thought your best friend was very cute, or pretty or dare I say, even sexy.  However, you never fully acknowledged anything more.  Yet each time you saw her, your thoughts of her grew …as well as your secret fantasies.

In the past, women tried hard to deny sexual thoughts about other women.  Instead, they suppress it for fear of breaking some unspoken heterosexual rule. However, eventually they realize there are no rules when it comes to sexuality.  It’s who you are…so just accept it.

Today, more women are growing very comfortable with “playing” with one another. The once sexy “side dish” of the 1970s, is rapidly becoming the new trend of the millennium.

Women want their cake…and their “eating it” too!  pun intended!

Hollywood starlets like Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore, Madonna & Denise Richards, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Jada Pinkett Smith symbolize more than just great talent.  Each celebrity has opened up, in their own way, about their interests in same-sex play.  They are not complete bisexuals.  But let’s not split hairs.

By definition; Bisexuality is a romantic or sexual attraction or behavior toward males and females. The term is mainly used in the context of human sexual attraction to denote romantic or sexual feelings toward both sexes.

However,  Bi-curious is a term used to refer to people of a heterosexual identity who, while showing some curiosity for a relationship or sexual activity with a person of the same sex they do not favor, distinguish themselves with the bisexual label.

What does it all mean? 

Bisexuals are comfortable living and loving either sex.  While, Bi-curious people just enjoy sexually playing with the same sex.  It’s a fine line, but I didn’t invent the rules.
It’s quite possible that bi-curious women may have always been aware of an attraction to other women.  Perhaps its something that surfaced just recently.  Either way, it’s normal for people to experience a variety of changes in sexual attitude over time.  Simply put, new and more exotic feelings about sex could easily spring up at different stages in your life.  The key is to first acknowledge it.

A driving motivation behind sexual acceptance is when you arrive at a point where you realize that denying fantasies is no longer an option.  It’s not that these women want to become full-blown lesbians or even practicing bisexuals; but they are no longer willing to ignore the naughty secrets they’ve harbored for one another.

As a red bloodied heterosexual male I completely love the idea of two women playing together.  Obviously, I want to participate and be the active star during “female playtimes”.  However, alot of bi-curious “sex” does not always include men.  Women are very comfortable playing alone with one another. They have a unique ability to have fun by sharing themselves without any male involvement.  This doesn’t negate the fact that they still long for the touch, feel and smell of a man.   However, girl-on-girl “fun times” gives them open space to explore similar bodies by poking & prodding their female playmates without the involvement of the men they love. This is what makes the bi-curious woman phenomena so fascinating.  The fact that women can play amongst themselves gives them an added sexual dimension that no man can fulfill.  However, men shouldn’t feel lefted out; because generally bi-curious women are more erotic and sexually adventurous than women who are not.

Therefore, once she’s done playing with Eve…she’ll give Adam the best sex of his life.

By: G. Anthony Knowles