Whoopi Goldberg responds to N.C. Commissioner’s Questioning of her visit

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New Hanover County Board of Commissioners Chairman Woody White is questioning the decision to allow comedian Whoopi Goldberg to perform at Cape Fear Community College later this year by saying the following:

“Personally, I think having her here is a horrible idea – at a community college, especially,” White wrote on his

Facebook page. “A school devoted to developing the workforce, and helping fill the labor gaps, provides a venue for

someone who just a few weeks ago was moving to Canada in protest to Trumps election? Terrible.”


Later Wednesday, Goldberg responded to the article that appeared on the subject.  She took to Twitter (@WhoopiGoldberg) with the following statement.

“This appeared 2day & I want 2 set it str8

Well, if u r going 2 talk about me, get it right. I get that it’s 2 ur

advantage to remain ignorant of the facts but for what it’s worth I never said I would leave if Trump became President U can look it up

tho I don’t expect u will because if u were interested in facts or truth, u wouldn’t have had any basis for what u wrote about me.

That’s neither here nor there, but the fact that it would not occur to u that women & girls would be offended about the prospect of

someone who thinks grabbing women by the genitalia and also saying out loud “that if you are famous, woman will allow that kind of

thing then Im surprised u r OK w/ that & questioning me. It just makes me glad my mother raised me 2 know what is truly offensive. So

if nobody buys tkts, I won’t come, but u will lose all credibility as a 1st amendment guy – oh, wait, that’s not u – u’ll still be

known as the man excusing the bad behavior of another grown man who should’ve known better. “

Commissioner White replied to Goldberg on Twitter (@WoodyWhite5) with the following statements.

“I’m glad you took a few minutes to contact me. Thanks. I hope while you are here for 2 hours, earning 85k, that you will 

have time to tour our community college vocational training classrooms and compare them to the arts center where

you will be performing. Maybe you’ll decide to donate some of that money to ease the pain inflicted on our local tax payers.”