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The infectious essence of reggae dancehall music is the result of its perfect incorporation of several  musical genres.  Reggae dancehall is a celebration of the best in reggae, blues, jazz, mento , calypso, African music and so much more. With dancehall in particular, the audience are co-partners on a vibrant musical journey guided by a multitalented artist.  This is why, dancehall is ZekeDon’s territory and he rules it with flare and pure genius.

Long dubbed “the Voice of the City”, ZekeDon stands out as a South Florida Dancehall magnet.  Whenever dancehall events are staged, its truly only an official “must-see”, if ZekeDon is on the performance line-up.

Ezekial “ZekeDon” Edwards is no overnight sensation. His musical roots are deep and rich.  Raised by his mother, Maxine Edwards and his aunt, Annette Brissette,  ZekeDon was exposed to music from day one of his life. In the household, music was not an escape from reality, it was the family inheritance.  Both his mom and his aunt were actively in a musical group; and it was from that vantage-point where ZekeDon felt his life’s calling.

As a teenager, young Ezekiel set out to establish his own musical identity.   Whether performing in a musical group during his high school years, to DJ’ing at local events in the community; the young musical prodigy began to create a name and unique image for himself.   By 2004, ZekeDon’s name and image had fully arrived…since then he has never looked back.

ZekeDon stands as a testament to God -given talent, hardwork, creativity and a pioneering sprit.  His talents are limitless and his future is as bright and full, as the energy he exudes when performing.

Today,  we can confidently say the world stage now belongs to ZekeDon;  everyone must watch and enjoy every moment of it.

ZekeDon “3n0” Dancehall Musical Series.. SEASON 1 Watch All 7 Episodes Now

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